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Service to Humanity

Donate to the Golden Link College

TOS-USA - Thu, 10/12/2017 - 19:09
October 12, 2017

Donate $20 or more to the Golden Link College. Here’s Why:

Since its inception fifteen years ago, the Golden Link College (GLC) has provided quality education to disadvantaged children. In an environment that encourages theosophical principles such as no discrimination of any kind, peace, harmony, compassion, and a sense of well-being, children (and the adults who teach the children and work at the school) become “socially responsible, morally upright, and spiritually sensitive individuals.” These are qualities many children do not receive in regular educational settings which is what makes the Golden Link College such a rare gem. GLC is theosophy is in action.

In 2008, John Kern approached the TOS with a challenge. If we could raise $30,000 for the Golden Link School (known at that time), the Kern Foundation would match that amount. In early 2009, $60,000 was granted to GLS. The funds came just in time as the school was going to open to a division of college so children from the high school could continue their education. The following year, the Kern Foundation offered $20,000 and since then, each year the TOS has worked to raise the money worldwide for the Golden Link College.

The College has now reached a population of 642 students. This is the first time since its inception that the college has exceeded this number. The college has four (4) schools affiliated with it now: the Philippine Lumen School, the GLC Bohol Campus, the Sunshine Learning Center and the TOS Learning Center. The combined population of these students with the College has brought the total population to over 1,000 students.

One of the major factors that is important regarding the work of GLC is that it is inspiring other countries to start theosophical schools. Two visitors to GLC earlier this year were Laura Rodriguez and Diego Fernandes from Rosario, Argentina. Argentina has officially announced their plan to start a theosophical school within three years. Members have been meeting to discuss finances, infrastructure, curriculum and the administration of the school.

The TOS would like to invite you to join us in this endeavor by donating $20.00 or more to the Golden Link College. Your donation is tax-exempt and 100% of your donation will go directly to GLC.  To donate, simply click on “Donate.” In the drop down menu choose Golden Link College. You are welcome to donate using your PayPal account or your credit card.

On behalf of the children at GLC, thank you!!



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Boots on the Ground

TOS-USA - Thu, 10/12/2017 - 16:30
October 12, 2017

As many people know, when a donation is made to the Theosophical Order of Service, 100% of your donation goes toward the cause or project you have chosen. This is because the TOS works as an All-Volunteer Organization (AVO) and while this may not seem like anything consequential, in fact it is. Today, very few organizations are able to put 100% of your donated dollars toward its designated purpose. In many organizations, charitable dollars are used to help with the administrative costs. For the TOS, our expenses are low because of the volunteers who commit their time and, sometimes, their own money to the work of the TOS. They do it in the name of theosophical service.

Another factor about the TOS that supporters may not know is that if money is donated to a disaster, such as those affected by hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria, the money collected for the victims of these disasters goes to the victims of these disasters through our boots on the ground. In other words, TOS/TS volunteers who live in the area or close to it and who commit to making sure your dollars go directly to helping a family, a community, or even several individuals who are in need. The amazing thing about this is that at times these volunteers are themselves affected by the disaster. For instance, in Houston after Harvey pummeled the area with vast amounts of rain, TOS volunteers from the Houston area, despite their streets being flooded and having no electricity, decided to help out at the shelters and food banks. In typical Theosophical fashion, volunteers put their own needs aside and went to help others.

The TOS would like to take this opportunity to thank the many volunteers who have given their time, energy, materials, and dollars to helping others. Service is definitely heart work. It happens because we cannot sit by and watch others suffer. It happens because a stirring within tells us that something must be done to make a difference. It happens without ego, sometimes without care to one’s own welfare, and because we are the boots on the ground that creation uses to provide goodness in the world.

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TOS Campaign for Kindness

TOS-USA - Tue, 09/26/2017 - 22:52
September 26, 2017

Please join in the TOS Campaign for Kindness taking place throughout October, 2017. 

Here’s how it works

The entire month of October, 2017 becomes a canvas for your acts of kindness, large or small.  You can structure it any way you like. 

  • Perhaps you join in a community project on one day in October.  Find one by clicking here.
  • Perhaps you devote a week to carrying a bag on your daily walk, picking up at least one piece of litter per day.  Or maybe it's seven pieces per day--whatever is comfortable for you. 
  • Maybe you commit to one act of kindness each day during October, even if it's just making eye contact and smiling at someone, holding the elevator, letting a driver into your lane, sending a comforting thought, etc.
  • Maybe some of your family members or co-workers would like to join you in performing acts of kindness.

The size of the act doesn't matter.  What matters is that it comes from your heart and feels genuine to you.

The follow up

We’re asking that each person who participates send an email by November 15 to TOS Liaison Coordinator Kathy Gann ( to let us know what you did, or even a fraction of what you did.  Just a brief note will be fine. 

Don't worry about looking like a "credit grabber" because your acts of kindness will be published anonymously.  Who knows how many people will see your kindness and think, "I'd like to do that too!"  And then your kindness multiplies, and that's the whole idea.

Three things in human life are important:  the first is to be kind; the second is to be kind; and the third is to be kind. 

–Henry James

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Fort Wayne Lodge

TOS-USA - Wed, 09/13/2017 - 04:31
Group Location:  Fort Wayne , IN United States Indiana US

contact: Leroy Anderson
phone: 260-749-7298 

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Besant Hall Study Center

TOS-USA - Wed, 09/13/2017 - 04:27
Group Location:  60181 Villa Park , IL United States See map: Google Maps Illinois US Best Way to Contact this Group: 


contact: Jeffrey Forth
phone: 630-836-0215

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What Inspires You?

TOS-USA - Wed, 09/13/2017 - 04:05
September 13, 2017

TOS Leadership Series

 Sunday September 24, 2pm (CDT)

Join us for the first in a series of four (4) webinars as the Theosophical Order of Service in America (TOSA) explores what inspires and helps strengthen our practice of service. The format for this program is an inspiring five-minute video will be screened followed by a short discussion among participants. The program will be no longer than an hour.

This interactive webinar is free and open to all interested in deepening their understanding of service in the theosophical context as well as establishing ties with and gaining support from like-minded individuals. TOS Liaisons are especially encouraged to attend!

To register, send an email to stating your name and the best email to reach you, so we can send you an invitation link. It’s that easy! 

Dates for the following webinars are:  October 22, November 19, December 10.

We look forward to your participation!

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Children’s Giveaway

TOS-USA - Thu, 08/17/2017 - 04:09
August 17, 2017

On the last day of the Okiciyapi “Helps One Another” Hocoki Sundance at the Rosebud Reservation, a children’s giveaway took place. The giveaway was coordinated by our dear Karen McCormick with the support of her family members. As many know, Karen has had a strong connection with the residents of the Rosebud Reservation and regularly sends items to the reservation for the Christmas Giveaway. Karen is now getting ready for the Back-to-School giveaway that helps the children on the reservation with school supplies.

This project has helped hundreds of families who live on the Rosebud and Pine Ridge reservations. Its success could not happen without your continuous donations. On behalf of the TOS board and our coordinator, Karen McCormick, we would like to thank all of you who have supported this project through the years. May it continue to flourish and enrich the lives of the Lakota people. 

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Po’Shines de la Soul: A Portland (Oregon) Lodge TOS Action Project

TOS-USA - Thu, 08/17/2017 - 03:59
August 17, 2017

By Linda Phleps, TOS Liaison

On August 10, eight of us dined at Po’Shines de la Soul, a black-owned soul food restaurant with a Cajun flavor in North Portland.  It’s a small place with big windows on two sides, large overhead silver pipes and several golden chandeliers. On the walls are paintings and photos of African-American life, including a large picture of Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. laughing together.  There’s a giant gum ball machine near one window and a diverse mix of people eating or coming in to buy pastries.

This restaurant has a spiritual mission.  Their culinary “Teach Me to Fish” program aims to train and “empower the underserved in Portland in job, life, and performing arts skills.”

Our lunch at Po’Shines was part of a Portland-wide initiative to combat racism by supporting black-owned restaurants.  We were also celebrating 106 years of the TS in Portland (August 10, 1911) which is actually 127 years if you count the earlier Willamette Lodge started in 1890.

Reflecting on our Lodge’s long history and a recent National Board meeting he attended, Lodge President Wallace Rainey remarked on the tension between honoring that historical legacy while not getting stuck in the past.  Now in the twenty-first century, he said, we should look for ways to keep our message relevant and current.

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Our Most Holy Mission

TOS-USA - Thu, 08/17/2017 - 03:42
August 17, 2017

With the unrest in the nation lately, many of us who are members of the Theosophical Society and who practice Theosophy as a way of life are quite fortunate. Theosophy gives us a wider lens in which to observe the unfolding of something that we realize does not just reside outside of ourselves, but is within us as well: “As within, so without.” The teachings of Theosophy provide a guideline as to “why” things may be happening and that, no matter what, the most important thing is to keep universal brotherhood first and foremost in our awareness. What we do to another, we do to ourselves.

In her letter to the second convention of the American Section, H. P. Blavatsky wrote:

[There are those] among us who realize intuitionally that the recognition of pure Theosophy—the philosophy of the rational explanation of things and not the tenets—is of the most vital importance in the Society, inasmuch as it alone can furnish the beacon-light needed to guide humanity on its true path. This should never be forgotten, nor should the following fact be overlooked. On the day when Theosophy will have accomplished its most holy and most important mission—namely, to unite firmly a body of men of all nations in brotherly love and bent on a pure altruistic work, not on a labor with selfish motives—on that day only will Theosophy become higher than any nominal brotherhood of Man.

Such words become even more pertinent when we see the struggles that surround us. While racism, prejudice, and hatred are intolerable to most goodhearted people, we must go one step beyond our repugnance of it and find out what lies under such beliefs. We cannot light the path of darkness if we fear the darkness itself. Could it be we fear the shadows that we may find within ourselves? This is why the study of the self becomes important as we continue to serve others. Reaching out to help another whose beliefs and actions make it difficult for us to find compassion in our hearts for them, is in essence, moving toward a compassionate way of living. By helping another so different from ourselves, we inch our way through the discomfort to a place of initial recognition of another individual, no different than ourselves. Thus moving toward our “most holy and most important mission.”

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