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It is said new influences in our environment are evolving the next generation of children in unexpected ways. Now, scientists are seeing children being born with high frequency energy fields, and they are being damaged by society, schools, and ingredients found in various vaccines.

Modern medicine does not yet recognize this subtle energy field, and with high frequency kids, the conductive material in vaccines is expanding consciousness away from the body to varying degrees, which can produce a migration into the spectrum of autism and Aspergers.

Many children labeled ADD and ADHD are getting drugged against their will to force them into more “linear” behavior and rote learning. But their minds work differently than ours. With higher consciousness also comes higher intelligence. They learn things through other means and methods that many of us do not yet understand.

Another gift that many in this new generation has is the ability to see astral spirits or even into other realities that previously only shamans or medicine men could unravel. Spirits seem to know these children are sensitive, and talk to them.

Some of these children who are born with higher consciousness and develop unique abilities are often referred to as “star children,” and there may be specific reasons for these qualities they exhibit.

Over the past 15 years, scientists have reported that human DNA began changing, with electromagnetic information appearing differently in the strands, initializing new parts that weren’t functioning before. These signatures may be playing into the abilities of children being born now.

New parents should pay attention when their child is born and be in tune to these special changes, so that they can better respond to their child’s own unique needs.

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