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By Gregg Bear

ROSEBUD — RST President Cyril Scott, at the end of a 60-day suspension imposed by RST Council for ethics violations, now finds himself facing more charges by the same body.

As the Sun Times was going to press, President Scott was being called to appear at a hearing before the council on more charges of a similar nature: violating the ethics portion of his oath of office.

The second round of charges were reportedly being leveled by Rep. Calvin "Hawkeye" Waln, a known political nemisis.

The precise details of new charges against the president were not immediately known at press time.

In February, RST Council, after a daylong hearing before his accusers, found the tribe's president guilty of having violated the RST Constitution & Bylaws, which he had sworn to uphold on taking office.

The council found the tribe's 52-year-old president guilty of "neglect of duty, gross misconduct, and blatant refusal to obey an order by the Council," according to RST Secretary Julie M. Peneaux.

The 60-day suspension marked the second time President Scott has been suspended by his council since taking his oath of office in 2012.

Although the president's first suspension of 90 days in 1993 was never officially rescinded—the president had retaken his physical office the very next day, based on a reassessed opinion issued by the tribe's attorney—council members had allowed him to resume his duties as though the suspension had never taken place.

Controversy has followed President Scott since taking office, including three failed recall petitions. But one of the president's primary shortcomings has been his inability to present program budgets to his council for approval.

This inability to budget has apparently carried over into the president's personal life, as evidenced by his need to repeatedly request advances on his paycheck.

Repeated promises to release information to the local Sicangu press have also gone unfulfilled. President Scott reportedly, at this stage, is merely hoping to be allowed to complete his term, which expires in August.

Editor's Note: Shortly after the above ethics hearing, which the president refused to attend, the RST Council voted to remove Cyril Scott from his elected position as president of the Rosebud Sioux Tribe. Vice President William "Willie" Kindle will serve as acting president until a new president is elected in August. The former president reportedly is looking at filing an injunction against the council's decision in Rosebud Sioux Tribal Court. The tribal court's most recent rulings have not been favorable to the tribe's ousted president, whose administration was the most controversial in the tribe's political memory.

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