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Frederick Leo Marshall, 57, Mission, convicted of Assault Resulting in Serious Bodily Injury and Child Abuse, was sentenced on Sept. 14, by Judge Roberto Lange, to 10 years in prison for assault, and 3 years in prison for child abuse, to be served consecutively.

Marshall was also sentenced to 3 years parole upon release, and $200 victims fund. He was also ordered to pay restitution to victim in the amount of $1,677.14, and to South Dakota Medicaid in the amount of $11,581.76.

Marshall was indicted Dec. 9, 2014. He pleaded guilty June 29.

The conviction stems from Oct. 30, 2014, when Marshall was at a home in Sicangu Village with his wife. There had been talk of divorce and Marshall had moved out of the marital home for a period of time. That evening, they were reconciling and he had returned to the house. Marshall drank alcohol, eventually worked himself into a jealous rage, and argued with victim. He later punched her in front of their children, and forced her into a bathroom and their bedroom where he further beat and assaulted her. He also struck her with a sword. The beating caused a fractured eye socket and profusely swollen eyes, to the point she could not see. Marshall used scissors to cut off victim’s hair and did other demeaning things to her. Their children witnessed the abuse.

Marshall also brought the children to the bedroom and forced them to witness how their mother was being beaten, humiliated, and degraded. One child entered into the room and witnessed some of the abuse. The child reported hearing her mom begging not be killed, and heard Marshall verbally abusing the victim, telling the child how he was making an example of her. The child was tormented seeing her mother beaten and bloodied and, for a time, thought her mother was going to be killed.

The case was investigated by FBI and Rosebud LES. Assistant U.S. Attorney Tim Maher prosecuted.

Marshall was immediately turned over to U.S. Marshals to begin his sentence.


Kenneth Littlewolf, aka Kenneth Little Wolf, 27, Mission, convicted of Assault with a Dangerous Weapon, was sentenced on Sept. 9, by Judge Roberto Lange, to 44 months in prison, 3 years parole, and $100 victims fund.

Littlewolf was indicted March 10 and pleaded guilty June 24.

The conviction stems from Jan. 31, when Littlewolf was sitting at a bar near Mission, and was asked to give two people a ride. Littlewolf agreed, but quickly got into an argument with them and began stabbing them with a knife. The bar owner and a bartender broke up that fight. But Littlewolf, who was wearing work boots, again kicked and stabbed the victims. The bar owner and bartender again tried to stop Littlewolf, who ultimately fled the area in his vehicle. He was later spotted and picked up by police.

The case was investigated by FBI and Rosebud LES. Assistant U.S. Attorney Tim Maher prosecuted.

Littlewolf was immediately turned over to U.S. Marshals to commence his sentence.


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